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VeeVa! Coffee House

“We gave Ally a tough brief and a tight budget to work with. We wanted a design that would both connect the coffee shop with the Auction Saleroom next door yet also feel really contemporary. The idea of hand-drawn silhouettes of antiques, digitally printed onto wallpaper, was a masterstroke. People still think it’s a hand-painted frieze round the walls. The concept of all-white furniture with a mixture of chair designs looks very original too. But the icing on the cake for us is the lighting. Ally’s “jewel theory” has worked a treat here – those huge Italian chandeliers have such a wow factor and have become a real talking point in the town. They still draw people into the coffee shop like a magnet! Thank you Ally for creating a truly unique interior.”

Elaine Wise, VeeVa! Project Manager, Mitchells Auction Company