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Low Voltage Myth

  • Contrary to popular belief a ‘low voltage’ light does not mean low energy.
  • A 50watt low voltage light uses 50watt of electricity – it’s just converted down from mains voltage so you end up with a brighter white light.
  • These lights are also suitable for bathroom situations where there is water in use and the risk of injury by electrocution is minimized due to it being low voltage.

Jewel Theory

  • When it comes to tight budgets we put our jewel theory into practice.
  • By spending money on a ‘feature piece’ like a fantastic chandelier or piece of furniture that draws the eye, you can use less expensive finishes and materials in the other areas.
  • It’s just a case of knowing how to get the right mix for the best results.


Modern’ is everywhere!

  • Due to magazines and TV programmes the general public have a much better feel for how to create a ‘modern’ interior for their home or business premises.
  • And to be quite frank, – to us it’s all starting to look a bit the same!
  • There’s nothing better than creating your own unique image, maybe with links back to history and possibly a bit quirky, mixing old features with modern finishes.
  • Enriching the end-user’s experience, making it memorable and setting you apart from the crowd is what really matters, especially in commercial interiors.

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