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Monkhouse Hill

We have recently successfully completed a project working with Ally Tordoff to redesign our holiday cottages without losing existing traditional features and never forgetting our Cumbrian location.

Initially we contacted several interior designers including Fidget Design with an outline of the scope of the project. We were impressed with Ally – she really listened to our requirements and came back with some excellent initial ideas that convinced us she was the best designer to appoint. Most importantly I felt that she was someone I could work with.

This has very much proved to be the case – particularly when we have dealt with the various challenges that have presented themselves during the course of the project. Challenges have included how to present our properties in a contemporary way without losing their traditional appeal and how to emphasise our Cumbrian location. Other practical challenges have included working within our financial budgets and integrating new furniture, fittings and soft furnishings with items we were insistent upon keeping.

Ally was always able to overcome any challenge we put her way in a reassuringly professional manner coming up with clever inspirational ideas to get around any problem arising. She is very good at working from the higher conceptual level right down to important but easily overlooked details.

Importantly she was always able to come up with an acceptable alternative if there was ever any first idea that we did not like. However she is very good at challenging and pushing clients out of their comfort zone – which is exactly what we were paying her to do and the end result of the project is an excellent testimony to the effectiveness of the this approach – we are delighted with the results she has achieved.

I would be more than happy to discuss her work with any future potential clients – particularly those working in the self catering tourism sector.

Jennifer Collard,
Monkhouse Hill Cottages, March 2009