Five top tips to beat dark thoughts

“A great cause of the night is lack of the sun….”*

Our latest in the series of mindfulness offers Five Top Tips to beat dark thoughts….

1: Relaxing with candles, gentle music and soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts can help to draw out toxins through the pores and aid a good night’s sleep. It can also help to dispel dark thoughts. The bathroom here is a Fidget design at the Cedar Manor Hotel 

Coach House suite bathroom small

2: Have an adventure. A change is as good as a rest. Go away somewhere, maybe just for a weekend or a month or more. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are taking yourself out of your normal environment and you are totally immersed in exploring somewhere new. If money is tight, stay with family or friends and maybe even reconnect with old pals. Adventures can be small ones, you don’t have to climb every mountain.

3: Become a dancing queen or king. Even just watching that sequence will lift the spirits. It’s fun, enjoyable and exercise. You could take up classes in salsa or tango, or just dance around the kitchen while cooking dinner.

4: Try writing it out of your system. I tried a creative writing workshop for the first time, and the different ways in which we applied each exercise proved to be excellent at focusing the mind and making me think in a different way. The quality and creativity that I produced at just a one-day day workshop was amazing. And follow the most inspiring wordsmith @RobGMacfarlane on Twitter for his word of the day

5: But do seek help if things are getting too much. If you have never had depressive symptoms before, you don’t necessarily understand what’s going on. If you feel overwhelmed, helpless, despair, can’t think straight, can’t make decisions, can’t be bothered, feel anti-social, tearful, think introspectively a lot and feel low, then you should go and talk to your GP.

*Shakespeare: As You Like It