Food for thought in the kitchen

In the final part of an occasional series about mindfulness, we head to the kitchen for immersive therapy

The kitchen is the most important social room in your house, and the best place to encourage friends and family to open up and talk it through.

Whatever the issues, talking is good. Really good. And it’s amazing the number of people who have been there, understand and genuinely do care about you. So invite friends around, cook food together, share dinner, share problems. Share some wine, but not too much, and cut out the caffeine after 3pm. That includes, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, coke and other fizzy drinks. There are plenty of wonderful herbal drinks and teas around now.


Make your kitchen a focal social point in your home. Eat with the family around the table (in the kitchen or dining room) rather than with a tray in front of the TV. That’s how the Italians do it, and they understand the value of family dynamics and talking through problems.

Acknowledge what’s happening in your life and take little steps which can lead to big and positive changes. I’ve been on a journey that’s brought me to this point, a life event that has actually unlocked me. I feel I know myself so much better, accept my boundaries, know when I need to step back, make changes and where I want to head next in my life journey.

There are many ways of dealing with and treating the symptoms of anxiety, cares and worries, both naturally and with medication and you have to open your mind and find what works best for you. If there is one word I can sum all this up with, it’s ‘immersive’. Be immersive. I think it’s a better descriptive word than mindfulness.

teatwoel and apron1

Loving life in the kitchen with mug (above) , apron and tea towel from Alison’s Love District range



Loving life in the kitchen with mug (above) , apron and tea towel from Alison’s Love District range


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